Salaries of these IT professionals in India being doubled as they switch jobs


Their work is essential to project a favorable company image while saving money in every way possible. An AI hiring frenzy is ricocheting around the world, from Silicon Valley to Europe, Asia and beyond. While tech giants like Google and Baidu Inc dangle top-notch packages for the engineers to build their own AI engines, companies in almost every other field — from health care and finance to entertainment — are staffing up too, to avoid getting blindsided by shifts in their industries.

India has long provided tech firms with a source of specialists able to work for low costs, but demand now far outstrips supply, with the country needing a further 213,000 data specialists to reach anticipated demand, according to industry group Nasscom. The squeeze has led to an AI hiring frenzy around the world, with some companies offering such eye-watering incentives as bonus BMW motorcycles to lure talent. Mahapatra, Forrester’s adviser to global chief information officers, anticipates years of rising demand for skilled workers.

As CIO, he’s in charge of all IT functions, including strategy, systems development and infrastructure. This is the second year in a row he’s been on our list, and a boost in his bonus means a better showing overall. That’s a piece of information that everyone wants to know about everybody else—and isn’t eager to share themselves. India’s benchmark indices dropped 1% on Friday, wiping out the previous day’s gains, as lenders — led by HDFC group stocks — led the selloff.

Salaries for a Chief Information Technology Officer in India can differ based on any or all of these varying factors. India added 66 tech innovation centers, so-called global capability centers or captives, last year taking the total to nearly 1,600. These GCCs that used to handle tasks like IT support and customer support have morphed into in-house centers for business-critical technology — like AI.

The government is likely to hold discussions with Vedanta informally on a possible stock market listing of Balco before a firm proposal is made to the aluminium company’s board, said people aware of the development. “Bangalore has incredible data engineering talent and the AI talent hunt is only going to intensify,” said Dumlao. The tricky thing is to persuade prized engineers that his startup is their most attractive option. “The freshest ideas and the newest innovations will sprout wherever there’s a concentration of talent,” he said. “ChatGPT has driven the larger domain of artificial intelligence out of stealth mode,” said Vikram Ahuja, co-founder of ANSR Consulting, which helps design and establish technology centers for corporations. While tech giants like Google and Baidu Inc. dangle top-notch packages for the engineers to build their own AI engines, companies in almost every other field — from health care and finance to entertainment — are staffing up too, to avoid getting blindsided by shifts in their industries.

Once you have received an offer of the Chief Information Technology Officer position in India, ask for a little time to consider it. Research salary levels for the position so you will know what range of salary is applicable for your job and location. Emphasize any special skills, experience, certifications, or credentials that you have. Suggest a salary that is slightly higher than your target, this will give you room to negotiate a lower amount but still meet your needs. provides trusted global salary data in over 100 countries to organizations like yours to attract and retain top talent. The R&D hub in Bengaluru will look into product engineering and product innovation, supporting the company’s global offerings, Bhasin said, adding that the 50% increase in the workforce did not include any roles for the R&D hub.

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The company’s key partners include EY, Deloitte, Accenture, Fragmadata, LTI, Tech Mahindra, Infosys, TCS, and Wipro. The company is expected to announce more details about hiring for the R&D hub later. Contribute to senior management team, guiding strategic decisions and resource allocation. Monitor management of all hardware, software, databases and licenses, maintenance, and projections of future needs. Keith Rohland made a jump from finance to food when he moved to his current company from Citigroup in 2011.

  • Cost of living is calculated based on accumulating the cost of food, transportation, health services, rent, utilities, taxes, and miscellaneous.
  • “The proportion of unfilled job roles is approximately 51% of the current installed talent base,” it said in a February report, flagging the crunch as a risk to growth.
  • Conduct technical reviews of products or solutions to compare and evaluate their applicability.
  • The squeeze has led to an AI hiring frenzy around the world, with some companies offering such eye-watering incentives as bonus BMW motorcycles to lure talent.

Based on our compensation data, the estimated salary potential for CIO will increase 53 % over 5 years. Schedule time with our certified representatives to learn more about our platform for salary and cost of living analyses. By doing this you will demonstrate that you are confident in your abilities and comfortable taking initiative which are traits that are beneficial for almost any role. You should try to negotiate the highest starting salary of the Chief Information Technology Officer position that you can in India. This starting salary of the Chief Information Technology Officer position will become the basis for all future increases while you are employed at the firm.

Robert B. Carter, EVP, FedEx information services and CIO, FedEx

India has the second largest pool of highly-skilled AI, machine learning and big data talent, according to the February report by Nasscom, after the US. It produces 16 per cent of the world’s AI talent pool, placing it among the top three talent markets with the US and China. Robert Carter has been with FedEx since 1993, and he sets the technology direction of the shipping giant’s applications, networks and data centers. He’s not as far up the list as he was last year, but his sizable performance bonus kept him in the mix. Carter’s compensation was also padded by various perks, including use of a private jet and security services.

This is the third year in a row Carey’s been on our list; his compensation hasn’t changed much but the fact that his contemporaries are making more moves him down the ranking. Global chief executives of 10 large consumer-facing companies such as Apple, Coca-Cola, Unilever, Mondelez, Yum! Brands, Mastercard, Pernod Ricard, Skechers, Crocs and Whirlpool said in recent quarterly earnings calls that their India businesses have been resilient. Cost of living is calculated based on accumulating the cost of food, transportation, health services, rent, utilities, taxes, and miscellaneous. The impact of Broadcom’s innovation is felt everywhere with our technology connecting so much of what goes into our digital lives. However, the top executive pointed out that though Databricks started offering its products and services only three years ago, relatively the interest in its offerings was “high”. Databricks’ strategy to open an R&D center in India mimics strategies of other global technology firms, according to Jain.

Chopra, who works outside of New Delhi, sees friends in the field get pay hikes of 35% to 50% each time they switch jobs. In the 21st century, one of the most important operational aspects to any large enterprise is their ability to construct, maintain, and upgrade their information technology framework. This accounts for a large amount of expense, and it usually requires teams of skilled professionals to work together. In organizations that are large enough, these information systems operations are all managed by a high-level executive officer called the chief information officer .

Leadership skills are needed, as the CTO will often lead teams of people in the information technology department. Compensation Data Based on Experience The average cio gross salary in India is ₹64,31,369 or an equivalent hourly rate of ₹3,092. Salary estimates based on salary survey data collected directly from employers and anonymous employees in India. An entry level cio (1-3 years of experience) earns an average salary of ₹44,18,061. On the other end, a senior level cio (8+ years of experience) earns an average salary of ₹82,84,695.

Broadcom is a dynamic, diversified technology leader with disciplined, world-class management. Our products span from semiconductors to infrastructure software and we have a strong commitment to investing in R&D. The company’s decision to hire new staffers comes when technology and other companies have laid off employees due to waning sales or a weak economic outlook.

Pawan Verma, EVP and CIO/CTO, Foot Locker

India, perhaps more than any other country, illustrates how the rush for talent is outstripping supply. The country of 1.4 billion people has long been the back office for the tech industry, a source of reinforcements for any emergency. But now even the world’s most populous nation is running out of the data scientists, machine-learning specialists and skilled engineers that companies are looking for.


Try our professional compensation software to generate detailed salary and cost of living reports. Consider what’s happening in the chip world where Moore’s Law is coming to an end and we’re no longer getting the same transistor performance improvements we once did. Meanwhile, the amount of data being created due to video or artificial intelligence continues to explode. To be sure, that’s a reality faced by every company with an entrepreneurial focus; you place bets on new markets, not knowing for certain which ones will work out. The problem was that we were starving our core businesses while waiting for these other investments to bear fruit. As I recently discussed with Pat Moorhead and Dan Newman during a Six Five Insider Edition interview, I had been working at Broadcom for four years and wanted to work for a creative, technology-driven organization.

The proliferation of AI, accelerated by the advancement of generative AI, has also stoked fears of continued layoffs in the industry. IBM CEO Arvind Krishna recently said his company could reduce around 7,800 jobs, mostly back-office roles, with AI in the next five years. The company, which has a global workforce of 5,000 people, will increase its staff count in India by 50%, a top executive said. Lead technology teams in day-to-day operations, provide key expertise, supervise the heads of departments, and set performance goals. Hjelm in on our list for the second year in a row, and a sizable bonus sends him further towards the top.

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Prior to the acquisition, Broadcom was viewed as a technology leader in networking, Wi-Fi and set top boxes. However, we were spending a lot of money without getting good returns for some of our newer investments in markets such as in mobile application processors or the 4G/ 5G modem space. Chief financial officers oversee the financial operations of their companies and provide leadership and focus to accounting and finance departments to ensure that they operate efficiently and comply with applicable laws and company policies.

“We are unable to provide details of Scott’s departure,” his employers said cryptically, but two years later they’re still sending him enough deferred compensation for him to make it onto this list. This being India, many workers are trying to retrain themselves to land a coveted job in AI. Data engineer Deepak Kapoor, who works for a startup called Thinkbumblebee Analytics, is studying up on computer vision and large language models to move into deep learning, where job opportunities are plentiful. With a PhD-level research team in house, SalaryExpert, provides up-to-date salary and compensation data. Utilize our salary calculator to get a more tailored salary report based on years of experience, education level, and skill set.

variable pay options

In 2012 he became SunTrust’s cio salary in india, where he worked to unify a siloed technology department. Dumlao of Flexcar, a Boston-based car subscription startup, says that’s not enough. He has been hunkering down in Bangalore for the past three months trying to assemble a team of data engineers and computer-vision specialists for the startup’s data science hub in the city.

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Start your evaluation by defining the most important aspects of the job and the overall lifestyle you can expect based on the location. The higher salary range of a Chief Information Technology Officer in the India can be one of the reasons you are attracted to a position in a large city, but keep in mind that differences in the cost of living usually result in higher living expenses and less disposable income. A Chief Information Technology Officer job in a large city of the India may offer a more varied experience, and greater opportunities for career progression, but may require long commutes or extended work hours. A large city in the India also provides more opportunities for entertainment and other activities. On the other hand, a non-metro location may offer lower salaries and fewer opportunities but have more affordable living expenses, shorter commute times, and other advantages.

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The average salary for a Chief Information Technology Officer in India is ₹9,038,257 per year. The salary range for a Chief Information Technology Officer is between ₹5,700,429 and ₹13,436,273. While we are seeing hourly wages as high as ₹6,460 and as low as ₹2,741, the majority of Chief Information Technology Officers are currently paid an average of ₹4,345 in India. The average salary pay range for a Chief Information Technology Officer can vary depending on specific skills, level of skill, location, education, and years of experience. The company size, industry, and location, and numbers of available job candidates may also affect salary offers.

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